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Magvalley made keynote lecture on 2015 BM SYMPOSIUM of JABM
December 7, 2015

On Dec. 3 to Dec. 4, 2015, General Manager of Magvalley was invited by the Japanese Association of Bonded Magnetic Materials (JABM) to attend its 2015 BM symposium and gave keynote lecture of “The Industrialization Development of Anisotropic Sm-Fe-N Magnetic Materials in China”. In this lecture, Magvalley introduced the R&D history of Sm-Fe-N magnetic materials in China, the production process of Magvalley and characteristics thereof, the advantages of the resulted products, and discussed relevant topics with representatives from academic and enterprise areas of Japan.

High performance anisotropic RE permanent magnetic material is a major R&D direction and new development area in the RE permanent magnetic material industry in Japan. From last year, the production capability of relevant industries of Japan is more than 1000MT, and the according value has been more than RMB 1.4 billion yuan. The achievement of Magvalley to mass produce anisotropic Sm-Fe-N magnetic materials is a hot topic attracting attentions from the relevant industry areas. This symposium will further promote co-operations between Magvalley and the Japanese companies.