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Sm-Fe-N Anisotropic Magnetic Powder

Br    (kGs) 12.5-14.5
iHc   (kOe) 7.5-11.5
(BH)max   (MGOe) 33-40
Particle Size   (x50, μm) 1-2
Temperature coefficient of Br, α, to 100℃  (%/℃) -0.02
Temperature coefficient of Hcj, β, to 100℃  (%/℃) -0.5--0.4
Curie Temperature, Tc  () 749
Operating Temperature  (℃) -40-160
Irreversible loss of flux  (%) <5

: For testing the permanent magnetic characteristics, the hysteresis loop was measured by a VSM with an aligned sample without demagnetization field correction.

The products are suitable for preparing various shapes of bonded magnets by the techniques of injection, extrusion, calendar and grinding.The advantages of the products are small particle size, evenly distributed magnetism, high mechanical strength and easy molding process.The powders are antioxidant and corrosion resistant with surface treatment. The products can be processed in normal condition processing.