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The research and manufacture of rare earth interstitial compounds, i.e. SmFeN and NdFeN, are world-leading technologies in the rare earth permanent magnetic material field. As a novel rare earth permanent magnetic material, rare earth interstitial compound has the following obvious advantages, compared to the conventional magnetic materials.

  • High magnetic properties

  • Magvalley can now manufacture magnetic powders with the maximum energy product of 35-40 MGOe and high coercivity in mass production. Such maximum energy product is two times as that of isotropic NdFeB magnetic powders.
  • Submicron particle size

  • Particle size of the powders is 0.5-3μm in average, which is in the submicron range. Therefore, such magnetic powders can be easily processed into various shaped bonded magnets using a variety of adhesive and molding techniques such as injection molding, calendering, extrusion and compression, etc.. Also, density and magnetic properties of such bonded magnets can be improved by mixing and filling the SmFeN powders into other kinds of magnetic powders.
  • Better heat resistance ability

  • Curie temperature of SmFeN magnetic powders is 472℃. The irreversible flux loss of the SmFeN bonded magnets is less than 3% after 300 hours under the temperature of 120℃.
  • More flexibility in magnetic circuit design

  • Due to its submicron particle size, high maximum energy product and easy-molding characteristics of the SmFeN magnetic powders, there are more flexibility and choices during magnetic circuit design process when designing electrical motors.
  • Smaller size and less weight of magnets

  • Theoretically, the remanence of an anisotropic magnet is twice as much as that of an isotropic magnet used of the same material, making the maximum energy product four times as big. To replace isotropic magnets in the electric motors with anisotropic magnets can reduce 3/4 of the original size and thus weight less, which conform with the continuing trend of miniaturization of a wide range of electrical motors.
  • Energy saving and cost reduction

  • For the reason that the price of samarium metal is around 1/3 of that of neodymium metal, the SmFeN magnetic materials has an obvious cost advantage.
  • Independent intellectual property and scientific research resources

  • Anisotropic SmFeN/ NdFeN magnetic powders and corresponding bonded magnets are novel materials based on the research and founding of physical origin of the nitrogen interstitial effect on rare earth - iron intermetallics of the Applied Magnetics Research Center of Peking University, which is a world-recognized original intellectual property and world-leading novel technology of China. This technology and products have been granted intellectual property rights in the territories of China, the United States, Japan and the European Union, and has always been a research and industrialization program supported and encouraged by government policies.